It’s too hard to earn and too easy to spend! I’m in desperate need of a job, and it’s time I started making some drastic cuts, seeing as the only money I have left is my overdraft. I’m far too easily persuaded to spend – I need to sort my life out!

Take today as an example. I must have spent at least £15 pounds and I haven’t even gone anywhere. I’ll admit, there were a few necessities in there, like milk and veg, but most of it was just on crap! I manage to persuade myself that I need things when I know I could probably manage without. First of all, after an hour of cardio at the gym, I was sat in shorthand feeling awful. So I had to go and buy some food from the vending machine. To my credit, it was a healthier option, but vending machines are overpriced. Another overpriced item I bought today was a Shakeaway. They are amazingly delicious, and again I went for the low fat option, but £3 for a milkshake! They are quite expensive. (Doesn’t mean I will ever stop going there though).

THEN, I had to go and buy some plasters for the monster blister I have on my foot from all this exercise I’ve been doing. There are disadvantages of going to the gym – I now have the feet of a Nigerian. For a pack of 5 blister plasters it was £3. 3 quid for a 5 plasters! What an outrage. On top of that, I had to buy some surgical tape because these plasters are never going to stay on in my trainers, even if they are expensive. So that’s another £2. Fab…

This is the worst bit though! I managed to get sweet-talked, by some reasonably good looking guy, into buying a keyring for charity. Those of you that know me will know that I’m not a very charitable person, but with the amount of compliments this guy was throwing at me I lost all of my usual common sense. SOLD. At first I was happy about how nice this guy was and how I have been charitable, but then I stopped and thought for a moment. £5 for a poxy keyring that enables disabled children to go on holiday. I have rent to pay for! Why the hell did I spend a fiver to let someone else go on holiday. Instant mood change.


Basically, I need to get a grip and stop spending money on stupid, pointless, overpriced items. I need help! D0es anyone have any tips?