It’s too hard to earn and too easy to spend! I’m in desperate need of a job, and it’s time I started making some drastic cuts, seeing as the only money I have left is my overdraft. I’m far too easily persuaded to spend – I need to sort my life out!

Take today as an example. I must have spent at least £15 pounds and I haven’t even gone anywhere. I’ll admit, there were a few necessities in there, like milk and veg, but most of it was just on crap! I manage to persuade myself that I need things when I know I could probably manage without. First of all, after an hour of cardio at the gym, I was sat in shorthand feeling awful. So I had to go and buy some food from the vending machine. To my credit, it was a healthier option, but vending machines are overpriced. Another overpriced item I bought today was a Shakeaway. They are amazingly delicious, and again I went for the low fat option, but £3 for a milkshake! They are quite expensive. (Doesn’t mean I will ever stop going there though).

THEN, I had to go and buy some plasters for the monster blister I have on my foot from all this exercise I’ve been doing. There are disadvantages of going to the gym – I now have the feet of a Nigerian. For a pack of 5 blister plasters it was £3. 3 quid for a 5 plasters! What an outrage. On top of that, I had to buy some surgical tape because these plasters are never going to stay on in my trainers, even if they are expensive. So that’s another £2. Fab…

This is the worst bit though! I managed to get sweet-talked, by some reasonably good looking guy, into buying a keyring for charity. Those of you that know me will know that I’m not a very charitable person, but with the amount of compliments this guy was throwing at me I lost all of my usual common sense. SOLD. At first I was happy about how nice this guy was and how I have been charitable, but then I stopped and thought for a moment. £5 for a poxy keyring that enables disabled children to go on holiday. I have rent to pay for! Why the hell did I spend a fiver to let someone else go on holiday. Instant mood change.


Basically, I need to get a grip and stop spending money on stupid, pointless, overpriced items. I need help! D0es anyone have any tips?



10 things to pass the time at uni (or whenever):

Most people think that uni is a combination of a massive piss-up and lots of hard work. It is. But, a lot of the time I spend sat around doing absolutely nothing. It can be a boring existence. So if, like me, your find yourself sat around in your room going a bit crazy, I have devised a list of 10 things you can do when bored:

  1. People watch. It’s always fun laughing at unfortunate and strange looking people out your window. You might catch a good fight if you’re lucky.
  2. Go out and buy 10 magazines, then sit in your cave reading them. Real-life ones are always good – you can laugh at other peoples unbelievable misfortune, and know that being bored is miles better than having a boyfriend with two heads.
  3. Read other people’s blogs! It’s always nice to get feedback, and it’s easy to find interesting and amusing things that can keep you occupied for hours.
  4. Eat. Anything and everything. Find things that are about to go out of date – it gives you an excuse to eat them, and you can say you are saving the environment by cutting waste.
  5. Exercise! You might not feel like lacing up your trainers and going out in the cold, but you feel so good after. Half an hour you would have spent wasting away on Facebook you are using to make your body feel good.
  6. Learn a language. Today I learnt 8 new words in Spanish in 20 minutes thanks to Argzombies and his excellent link. Worth a read.
  7. Call all the freephone numbers on the back of food packets and generally be annoying. It’s childish but fun. And free.
  8. Go for a walk. Fortunately I live near the beach, so it’s always a good place to go.
  9. Go to the pub. Always a fail-safe option. However you need friends to go with you, unless getting on the beers alone is your type of thing…
  10. Internet shop. I can look at new clothes I’d love for hours. But be warned: if you are skint, it won’t make you happy. You might be occupied, but you will just be sad at all the things you want but can’t afford 😦

Retail therapy: does it work?

There are many reasons why I haven’t been my usual self recently, and being unemployed is definitely up there as one of the main factors. It’s frustrating having to turn down a big night out with your friends because you don’t have the funds, and having to pass on that offer of a Pizza Hut buffet between lectures. Not to mention, not being able to buy that new mascara you want (and everyone else seems to already have) because you have to buy food instead. Basically, I’m skint. So when my friend came over and tried to convince me to come out shopping with her, I only had one answer I could give: YES.

We’ve all been there, trawling round shops, looking adoringly at things you really, really want but know you can’t afford. You say no to that gorgeous pair of leopard-print heels because you don’t need them. But when you’re feeling down it’s like you have that excuse to buy things to cheer yourself up, and you can buy things because you want them.

So off I went, excited at the mere thought of having something new to add to my already crammed wardrobe. First shop, Republic. I saw this gorgeous teal green dress and I just had to try it. The colour was amazing, it fitted perfectly and looked fab. £28 and 10% student discount? YES PLEASE. I was chuffed with my new purchase, despite the fact that £25 is a serious dent in my dwindling bank account.

Really, spending money doesn’t help the fact that I have incredibly empty pockets: it just makes it worse. Maybe I’m fast approaching becoming a shopaholic. However, my new dress did make me feel that bit happier, and it did make my day considerably better. To me, happiness is more important than having money.

So does retail therapy work? To me it certainly does.