Retail therapy: does it work?

There are many reasons why I haven’t been my usual self recently, and being unemployed is definitely up there as one of the main factors. It’s frustrating having to turn down a big night out with your friends because you don’t have the funds, and having to pass on that offer of a Pizza Hut buffet between lectures. Not to mention, not being able to buy that new mascara you want (and everyone else seems to already have) because you have to buy food instead. Basically, I’m skint. So when my friend came over and tried to convince me to come out shopping with her, I only had one answer I could give: YES.

We’ve all been there, trawling round shops, looking adoringly at things you really, really want but know you can’t afford. You say no to that gorgeous pair of leopard-print heels because you don’t need them. But when you’re feeling down it’s like you have that excuse to buy things to cheer yourself up, and you can buy things because you want them.

So off I went, excited at the mere thought of having something new to add to my already crammed wardrobe. First shop, Republic. I saw this gorgeous teal green dress and I just had to try it. The colour was amazing, it fitted perfectly and looked fab. £28 and 10% student discount? YES PLEASE. I was chuffed with my new purchase, despite the fact that £25 is a serious dent in my dwindling bank account.

Really, spending money doesn’t help the fact that I have incredibly empty pockets: it just makes it worse. Maybe I’m fast approaching becoming a shopaholic. However, my new dress did make me feel that bit happier, and it did make my day considerably better. To me, happiness is more important than having money.

So does retail therapy work? To me it certainly does.