‘Luck’ – Series Premiere Review

Luck brings television to a world that isn’t normally seen – the world of horseracing. With this unique idea combined with a cast that you would normally find in a blockbuster film, you would expect Luck to be worth watching.

The series starts with the main character, Chester ‘Ace’ Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman), being released from prison. He is picked up by his driver and confidante, Gus (Dennis Farina). We discover that Gus has become the owner of a racehorse, in order to help Ace rain vengeance upon those who set him up for his three-year sentence. However, that’s all we know.

Immediately, you are dropped into the world of racing; a world involving trainers, owners, jockeys, gamblers and stable workers – the likes of which are rarely seen by the general public. You just have to sit there and absorb the information, there is little explanation. This is a risky approach by writer David Milch – even a horse racing fan like myself can get lost the racetrack jargon, and it is easy to see how viewers may lose interest.

Despite this, Luck manages to keep you interested. The drama explores the glamorous world of horse racing, but also what goes on behind the scenes: the addiction, the greed but also the love of the sport and the horses involved. All of this adds to the main concept of the show – revenge. The scenes are shot beautifully by filmmaker Michael Mann, it’s fantastic to watch.

Luck brings us into the scenes behind a sport which is not as popular as others, and some of the language is complex to say the least. It may require a great deal of patience, but the beauty of the scenes and the darker concepts behind the drama definitely have me hooked.