10 irritating everyday moments:

Do you ever feel that things sometimes don’t seem to go your way? I do. So here’s a rant of 10 things that I think life seems to enjoy annoying you with:

  1. When you finish an incredibly tasty yogurt and put the spoon back in the empty pot. Cue pot falling over and getting bits of yogurt that you swear you had eaten all over the surface. Then you have to get up and clean the yogurt up. Unnecessary effort that could have been avoided if the pot just behaved itself.
  2. When you are just drifting off to sleep after trying long and hard, and your body decides to have a sleep spaz, making you jump out of your skin and then have to try to sleep all over again.
  3. Wire coat hangers. The most annoying objects on the planet. All the other coat hangers can just sit in your wardrobe perfectly fine, but the wire ones decide to ruin everything and become tangled in all your clothes, making everything fall off the hangers. With me, this just results in a fit of rage and my clothes remaining in a pile on my wardrobe floor.
  4. You expect your iPod to shuffle songs in a random order – BUT IT DOESN’T. For some reason, mine picks the most annoying song that I never want to listen to (think Vengaboys or some obscure Christmas song) and plays it every time I choose shuffle!
  5. Washing a spoon, or another curved object, under a tap and it decides to spray water all over you because you put it in at the wrong angle.
  6. Those ‘captcha’ things that you have to type out every time you want to join or purchase something online. They are always really hard to read which results in me having to type it out 2 or 3 times, whilst losing all my information in the process.
  7. When you make a decent cup of tea that you are really looking forward to but it is far too hot. You burn your tongue so decide to wait for it to cool down, but forget about it until 2 hours later. Double loss.
  8. People in supermarkets. I don’t know why, but people think that they have to be social and nice to everyone when they are doing their weekly shopping. I do not appreciate old farts blocking up the whole aisle with their under-filled trolleys because they need to have a bowls conversation. Just move out of the way! And I also don’t understand why people have to tell their life stories to the checkout staff. No one cares how many pots of chutney you have made this week, I just want to get my shopping and leave.
  9. When you don’t have the knickers you want to wear that day in your drawer, when you specifically need them for a certain outfit. Then you have to change your whole plan because you don’t have them.And don’t even get me started on non-matching underwear. For me, this is a personal bug. I have to wear matching underwear every day. You know that nasty dirty feeling you get when you are hungover? That’s what I feel like when I don’t have matching underwear. I don’t know why I’m in the minority on this one – if you wear matching clothes, why not underwear?!
  10. You’re sure it’s nearly lunch time, and you look at the clock to discover that it’s only 10.45. All morning, your only thoughts will be about lunch, when to have it, what time it is now, and what you are going to eat.

10 things to pass the time at uni (or whenever):

Most people think that uni is a combination of a massive piss-up and lots of hard work. It is. But, a lot of the time I spend sat around doing absolutely nothing. It can be a boring existence. So if, like me, your find yourself sat around in your room going a bit crazy, I have devised a list of 10 things you can do when bored:

  1. People watch. It’s always fun laughing at unfortunate and strange looking people out your window. You might catch a good fight if you’re lucky.
  2. Go out and buy 10 magazines, then sit in your cave reading them. Real-life ones are always good – you can laugh at other peoples unbelievable misfortune, and know that being bored is miles better than having a boyfriend with two heads.
  3. Read other people’s blogs! It’s always nice to get feedback, and it’s easy to find interesting and amusing things that can keep you occupied for hours.
  4. Eat. Anything and everything. Find things that are about to go out of date – it gives you an excuse to eat them, and you can say you are saving the environment by cutting waste.
  5. Exercise! You might not feel like lacing up your trainers and going out in the cold, but you feel so good after. Half an hour you would have spent wasting away on Facebook you are using to make your body feel good.
  6. Learn a language. Today I learnt 8 new words in Spanish in 20 minutes thanks to Argzombies and his excellent link. Worth a read.
  7. Call all the freephone numbers on the back of food packets and generally be annoying. It’s childish but fun. And free.
  8. Go for a walk. Fortunately I live near the beach, so it’s always a good place to go.
  9. Go to the pub. Always a fail-safe option. However you need friends to go with you, unless getting on the beers alone is your type of thing…
  10. Internet shop. I can look at new clothes I’d love for hours. But be warned: if you are skint, it won’t make you happy. You might be occupied, but you will just be sad at all the things you want but can’t afford 😦