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The view from my blogging/tv watching/facebooking/tweeting/working station. Basically, the view that I have for a large portion of my day…


I seriously need to get a life.


Cheap and easy – healthy thai green curry.

This is a first for me, I’m not really a cooking expert, but I thought I’d share this with you seeing as I basically live off it. It’s my easy-peasy thai green curry:

Ok, I know what you’re thinking – it looks like crap. But a) my phone camera is awful, and b) I’m not a bloody masterchef – I don’t really think about presenting my food. Putting this on the blog was an after-thought. However it does taste delicious, so please have some faith in me. Also, it’s clearly not very green – I’m sorry but I have no explanation for that.

So here’s what you need:

  • Chicken – enough for however many people are eating it.
  • 1 or 2 tsp Thai green curry paste – I use this one.
  • Onion, chopped – However much you fancy really.
  • Stir-fry Vegetables – You can put anything you want in it really though.
  • Philadelpia light cheese – 120g for 4 people. Divide as applicable.
  • 4tbsp milk – Again, divide as applicable.
  • Noodles or rice – I prefer it with noodles, but it’s just as nice with rice.

(As you can tell, I’m not really one for measuring. I normally just put a rough amount of everything in. It depends on how hungry you are!)

And here’s how you do it:

  • Heat a large, non-stick pan and add the chicken, curry paste and onion.
  • Fry for 6-8 minutes, or until the chicken is totally cooked.
  • Add the stir-fry veg for 2-3 minutes until cooked.
  • Add the Philadelphia and milk and stir until melted.
  • Serve with noodles or rice.

That’s it. It’s so easy! You can see why it is basically the staple of my diet. ALSO, be careful with the curry paste, some are hotter than others. Either way, your sinuses will certainly be cleared after you’ve eaten it!

Each serving (without rice or noodles) is roughly 300 calories, so it’s not unhealthy either!

I might not be super-chef of the world, but please take my word for it. This tastes fantastic.

Amazing post – so inspirational. I had to reblog.

The Better Man Project ™

I would go to the gym today, but…

I would write today, but…

I would weigh less, but…

I would try, but…

I would care, but…

We love our but’s. Take the word but out of your vocabulary. If you do, you have just given yourself unbelievable power to accomplish your dreams. Try saying that sentence again and replace the word but with something else. Go ahead…try it. You are going to sound like a fool trying to figure it out. Then, you will wonder why you are giving yourself a reason why you can’t do it in the first place. You will hear your voice, and find a way to make it happen.

I have a big knee brace that I wear to my workouts. There is no reason why I cannot go harder or as hard as other people in the gym. Sometimes though I have to modify…

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Happy birthday Cosmo!


I just got my newest issue of Cosmopolitan through in the post today, I’ve been waiting for it! It’s by far the best magazine for women out there, and the handy travel-sized version never leaves my handbag.

Cosmo celebrates its 40th birthday this year. 40 years of brilliant reading for ‘fun, fearless females’. Cosmo has never failed to bring us the latest fashions, beauty tips, sex facts and hard hitting stories on issues that are affecting women all over the world. 

Cosmopolitan lets you indulge in all those cringey stories that you hope never happen to you, and it gives you the answers to all those questions you never wanted to ask your mum. It keeps you up to date with the hottest new clothes, and informs you of all the latest beauty products that you want in your make-up bag. Not only that, but there’s loads on sex and never a shortage of gorgeous men to look at.

I wouldn’t call myself a feminist – I’m not all up for kicking and screaming about equal rights – but by reading Cosmo, it makes me feel like I’m part of a huge community. Not only in the magazine, but through the website too, a space is provided for women to talk about anything from the best new mascara to domestic violence. It provides a voice for women that you just can’t help but relate to yourself. Not only this, but Cosmo has campaigned on several pressing issues that women face, such as rape and domestic violence.

So thank you, Cosmopolitan for 40 years of enjoyable reading and strong support for women everywhere. I can’t remember the last time where I didn’t have an issue on my desk, and I can’t imagine a future without it.

10 (healthy) foods I couldn’t live without:

I LOST ANOTHER 1LB THIS WEEK! That’s 4lbs in two weeks. I’m very happy with myself, especially seeing as I had a major binge on saturday involving pizza, KFC, cookies – the whole works. All that hard work at the gym definitely paid off. Unfortunately, I’ve been getting major pains in my shins again, so that writes me off the treadmill for a little while. Doesn’t mean I can’t use other machines though!

Anyway, here are 10 foods that I couldn’t live without on my diet:

  1. Fat-free yoghurts: These are my addiction! Luckily, I can eat as many as I want, so they are always a useful snack to have in the fridge.
  2. Mattessons Fridge Raiders: These are the shit. They are basically little bits of 100% chicken breast, meaning they are full of yummy protein and perfectly fine to eat! Only the roast flavoured ones though – the others have loads of not-so-good flavourings on them.
  3. Pepsi Max: Ok, it’s not a food, but it’s still amazing! It helps to curb my hunger and has no sugar in it. When it’s not on special offer, regular diet cola will do.
  4. Stir-fried vegetables: are amazing. Especially with lots of soy sauce. Now I am eating a lot healthier I start to crave them. They basically go with every meal.
  5. Oranges: The master of all fruits. They might not be as filling and nutritious as bananas, but they taste a whole lot better.
  6. Baked beans: You can have them with anything! Toast, jacket potatoes, even straight out of the tin with a spoon.
  7. Porridge: I have come to the conclusion that this is the best breakfast ever. It always keeps me filled up and starts me off feeling fab. Flavoured porridge > normal porridge.
  8. Super low fat noodles:  Only the super low fat ones. You are comitting diet suicide if you think you can eat the regular ones all the time. Luckily, the low fat ones I can eat as many as I like.  An incredibly decent snack when you have the 3pm munchies.
  9. Pickled onions:Or eggs. Any kind of pickled food. I looove them! Unfortunately, they aren’t so good if you are planning to go out on the town that night.
  10. Mug shots: So easy and quick, and a lot more filling than any cuppa soup. AND the whole range has less than 3% fat. Just don’t get the creamy ones.

All of these are great things to eat if you are trying to lose some weight or make your diet a bit healthier.

Here’s a list of 5 things that you would NOT give me if you had any care for my health and wellbeing, and if you didn’t want a punch in the face:

  1. Cake: It’s fantastically amazing and makes me incredibly happy. But then incredibly sad about an hour later.
  2. Chocolate digestives: My biggest weakness. I have been known to demolish a whole packet in about 10 minutes.
  3. Pizza Hut buffet: Never take me there. Or any kind of buffet for that matter. ‘All you can eat’ means you have to eat as much as you physically can – I see it as a challenge.
  4. Pringles: Once you pop, you can’t stop.
  5. Sweets: Any kind really, but especially fizzy ones.

‘Luck’ – Series Premiere Review

Luck brings television to a world that isn’t normally seen – the world of horseracing. With this unique idea combined with a cast that you would normally find in a blockbuster film, you would expect Luck to be worth watching.

The series starts with the main character, Chester ‘Ace’ Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman), being released from prison. He is picked up by his driver and confidante, Gus (Dennis Farina). We discover that Gus has become the owner of a racehorse, in order to help Ace rain vengeance upon those who set him up for his three-year sentence. However, that’s all we know.

Immediately, you are dropped into the world of racing; a world involving trainers, owners, jockeys, gamblers and stable workers – the likes of which are rarely seen by the general public. You just have to sit there and absorb the information, there is little explanation. This is a risky approach by writer David Milch – even a horse racing fan like myself can get lost the racetrack jargon, and it is easy to see how viewers may lose interest.

Despite this, Luck manages to keep you interested. The drama explores the glamorous world of horse racing, but also what goes on behind the scenes: the addiction, the greed but also the love of the sport and the horses involved. All of this adds to the main concept of the show – revenge. The scenes are shot beautifully by filmmaker Michael Mann, it’s fantastic to watch.

Luck brings us into the scenes behind a sport which is not as popular as others, and some of the language is complex to say the least. It may require a great deal of patience, but the beauty of the scenes and the darker concepts behind the drama definitely have me hooked.